Chua, Zi Jun

Director, DP Architects

A director of DP Architects (DPA), Mr Chua Zi Jun has 13 years of experience in Architecture.
His specialty lies in Retail and Mixed-use developments that combine shopping, entertainment
and recreational elements into a singular integrated experience.

Today, Mr Chua heads the retail and mixed-use typology group in DPA. He believes that malls
will no longer be just retail centres; but will transform into ‘leisure retail’ nuclei – vibrant spaces
for people to meet and enjoy leisure activities beyond shopping. This paradigm shift is
simultaneously driven by the retailers’ ability to redefine the brick-and-mortar retail experience
and the growing sophistication of consumer demands and preferences. Mr Chua and his
research team are exploring and furthering architectural design in order to create a unique retail
experience that better serves both the retailer and the shopper.

As an architect, Mr Chua is committed to creating a more memorable leisure retail experience.
Leading numerous retail projects around the world from Malaysia to Kazakhstan, he works
closely with developers and retailers alike; carefully translating his research into his design
schemes and reshaping both the retail experience and the urbanscape one leisure retail mall at a