THE DIGITAL GATEWAY TO SHOPPING CENTRES: Technology at the Heart of Shopping Centres – Reaching Consumers as Far as the Mobile Reaches

Apr 24, 2019

15:30 – 16:30 hrs

Wherever there is a mobile screen or digital screen, that is where your shopping centre must be present – how do you make yourself omnipresent – extension of physical shopping centre space to the digital and virtual medium

– “Virtu-real” formats – more interactive retail experience – touchscreen navigation panels, virtual fitting rooms, magic mirrors, augmented-reality zones

– Merging online and offline retail using “social shopping” – digital screens in transport-arrival zones, piazzas, shop windows, major junctions of the shopping district. These can help consumers find products, access reviews, and then direct them where to buy

– Future of shopping: drones, digital mannequins, leaving without paying (Amazon Go)

– Smartphones for e-checkouts and click-and-collect services – blend offline and online shopping experience

– Integrating Tech into the Retail Experience – integrating the retail, digital and mobile experience

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