INAUGURAL AND KEYNOTE: Reimagining our Shopping Centres for the Digital Age

Apr 24, 2019

10:30 – 11:45 hrs

– Experiential, Social, Digital, O2O – how to reimagine these components into existing shopping centres – what would a shopping centre built in 2030 look like, as compared to developments in this decade?

– “Nirvana” destination– from retail therapy to family destination to leisure islands to community hangouts to experiential social hubs – How do we rejuvenate the shopping center?

– How to be future ready for ‘Millennial’ & gen Z spenders’ who would form majority of the footfalls in the next decade.

– Shaping the Future of Shopping Malls by Tapping into High Spenders and Frequent Visitors – How to Capture the High-Spending Millennials

– How can Indian developers can turn away from shopping-only developments to complex retail-led mixed-use schemes to achieve focal point for social, commercial and economic growth?

– Creating a shopping experience that strikes the right balance between traditional retail, leisure, entertainment, housing, social management and cultural activities.

– A rejuvenated push in complementing O2O strategy-Does it ring a bell to shopping centers? “A call for uniqueness” so a shopper seeks. (I.e Amazon seeks relevance in having physical stores)

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